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As a woman in clean-tech industry since last seven years I have seen lots of ups and downs in my own professional life and thought to bridge the gap through my own inspiration as a creator to develop solar integrated products and services. Often when it comes to women their origins do matter which may not be a much big of a case with men. Women are scrutinized in every aspect of life how they look, dress and their physical stats which are actually god’s gift but unfortunately play an important role in their success or the kind of industry they are in. I believe this also creates a lot of stigma for some women who go through partial attitudes from their peers who potentially influence their professional development.

Women from different origins who sometimes may not receive as much support from western communities and often are exploited by their own male dominated society or other eastern communities find it difficult to sustain themselves in today’s society. We as individuals have our own interests and often do not realize the importance of where we come from would matter but the reality hits us really hard when we go through a bad experience of getting discriminated for the dress we wear or if we put too much or no make up? Which is not the case for men who are accepted as they are in reality.

What should be a woman’s dress code? We mostly adapt to the environment we are working in to mix with our communities to develop a better relationship with everyone. If you feel for the cause do comment on the forum DARE WITH GRACE coming soon.