Anuradha Munshi is Founder, SunDraft Energy Inc and ColorEarthGreen Corp.

New Jersey and San Francisco Bay Area have been her home towns since last 16 years. She believes every individual has a purpose or mission to provide for building a better community. Living in historical architectural towns she has been inspired to be an architect and designer. Apart of being an entrepreneur she has a keen interest in growing her creative talents developing skills in educational journalism to social impact content, performing arts, and creative film and tv productions.

Born in Delhi, in 1976 Anuradha’s family originally belongs to a well educated Community from Himalayan region. Since childhood during summer vacation she visited the valley to live with her grand parents where she used to help her grandfather in their organic farm where all the produce was home grown. She was fond of being in nature while her stay which has kept her connected to nature and her efforts in environment protection. She has been inspired by her both Grandparents who were self made small business owners of a bakery and pharmacy. During her schooling her father was posted in foreign countries on various technology projects which gave her opportunity to travel to Africa giving her experience of global cultural diversity at an early age. Her mother since childhood taught her the importance of local natural products from Khadi clothing to natural cures in daily lifestyle. Her parents have been United states of America citizens while she was completing her education abroad. Living in diverse cultural environments in Europe, Africa and South Asia from a very young age, Anuradha had the opportunity to learn the traditional ways these communities have been living to utilize in building a sustainable living culture not just in United States of America but globally where industrialization has negatively impacted our environment and making planet Earth a safe place for our future generations.

Being visually impaired since childhood has never stopped her from doing what she has been passionate about including professional degree in Bachelor’s of Architecture. She has dedicated most of her professional life in promoting conservation and sustainability initiatives. Her professional interests are in developing socially conscious business for a sustainable economy, healthy communities, building cultural diversity and accessibility products. She has more than 13 years of experience in design and management in the building construction and energy industry. With an aptitude to make a difference in the world Anuradha has been assisting various non-profit organizations as well as universities in the field of environment since 2010. She has been a mentor at San Jose State University’s Sustainable Mobility Systems for Silicon Valley project working on Solar Integrated pod cars, a mobility for next generation. She believes in integrating natural traditional elements with modernization, technology innovation and human centric designs to maintain sustainable economic development.

In prior roles she has been involved as program advisor for Smart Energy Enterprise Development (SEEDZ) initiative at Joint Venture Silicon Valley. She also has served as Energy Lead at Sustainable Silicon Valley where she has managed research projects and led content development team for the EcoCloud social media platform for sustainability. She has also served as a planning committee member for Stanford University’s Silicon Valley Energy Summit. For a very brief period she was a Green@Home volunteer at Acterra, promoting energy and water efficiency door to door, Sunnyvale Land Use and Urban Planning Coordinator and Energy Program coordinator with Sierra Club and County of Santa Clara promoting Energy Upgrade California.

As an Architect she had the privilege to work with esteemed Architects like Revathi Kamath who promotes low cost housing to veteran Bollywood Film and TV Art Director Nitin Desai. She has designed as well as managed and led multiple large-scale commercial building construction projects with Real Estate Companies and Builders including Shapoorji Pallonji Group. Anuradha’s education portfolio includes a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from abroad in 1999, Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies program, Advanced Program Management from Stanford University as well as a major in Energy Management and Climate Policy and Project Management from De Anza College, California.

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